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Governing board evaluation

Effective teamwork: a guide for governing boards

How to construct an effective team dynamic and respond when relationships and team-working is not what it should be.

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Effective governance requires effective team work: board members working collaboratively to achieve a goal underpinned by an understanding and respect for each other’s roles and circumstances.

This is a guide to constructing an effective team dynamic, and responding when relationships and team-working is not what it should be. This includes responding to actual and perceived conflicts of interest. The guide can be deployed as a practical tool as it provides useful tips and strategies for building and maintaining relationships within the governing board. 

The guide covers:

  • Part 1: What influences the team dynamic of a governing board? 
  • Part 2: Creating an effective team dynamic
  • Part 3: Dealing with tension or conflict when it arises on the governing board
  • Part 4: Taking formal action in order to protect the team dynamic

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