Clerk's job description

The purpose of the clerk’s role is to:

• Provide advice to the governing body on governance, constitutional and procedural matters.
• Provide effective administrative support to the governing body and its committees.
• Ensure the governing body is properly constituted.
• Manage information effectively in accordance with legal requirements.

The clerk is the ‘constitutional conscience’ of the governing body and s/he should be accountable to the governing body. It is therefore important that there is a clear separation of functions and lines of reporting. The main responsibility for managing the relationship between the clerk and the governing body should rest with the chair of governors. Governing bodies need to make sure that the clerk receives adequate remuneration, is annually appraised, and receives appropriate training/support.

We have produced these supporting materials to assist schools/governing bodies with the selection process:
Job description - PDF

Person specification - PDF


Published: 02/06/2014, by Global Administrator
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